The Exchange is a professional networking group built on the tenants of trust, transparency, collaboration and commitment. We ask that all of our member make the following efforts in order to keep The Exchange a welcoming environment for all of its members:

Keep Your Commitments:
  • RSVP for only those events which you are able and willing to attend.

  • Attend at least ¾ of the chapter’s regularly scheduled meetings per year.

  • Give as much notice as possible when you are forced to cancel, both notifying pairings@theexchange.la and hosts, pairings or influencers when you are unable to attend.

  • If you promise to make introductions or send along resources, please do so with a reasonable amount of time.

Pay It Forward:

  • Search out ways to benefit other members of your chapter, circles or pairings.

  • Thank those that offer their help, whether or not it actually leads to a ‘closed’ deal.

  • Never add people to email lists without asking their permission

  • Do not carry on discussions during presentations or while others are speaking.

  • No “Hard” Selling. Ever. Don’t attend a pairing with your marketing in hand unless you are specifically asked for them or looking for feedback.

  • Respond to “Needs and Wants” emails when you can help a fellow member

  • Honor the confidentiality and trust you are shown in cultivation circles, digital forums, or in chapter discussions.

  • Offer to take your testimonial beyond the room, post in online, syndicate it in our emails, and travel to home groups when offering a testimonial for a ‘guest’.

Enrich & Learn:

  • Try new things. Tryout a cultivation circle, interest circle, guest at a different chapter, or attend a mixer at least once a quarter.

  • When the monthly topics are appropriate, submit your digital content for syndication on The Exchange website or emails.

  •  Participate in the digital forums


  • Promote a positive, encouraging and supportive atmosphere.

  • Ensure new members and guests information is logged and that they are welcomed and supported both during and after the meeting

  • Provide feedback on good and bad experiences alike.

  • Follow up with members that stop attending

  • Actively grow and cultivate your chapter, recruiting new members and engaging current ones

  • Ensure attendance and build a “full house” at every meeting.

Additional Host Commitments

  • HOST AGREEMENT should spell out free membership, clear up liability issues, talk about insurance, clean up duties, and have the signature of whoever is authorizing the use of the space

Additional Influencer Commitments:

  • Create and uphold the culture of every group

  • Moderate topics as per editorial calendar, sticking to topic guidelines and inviting speakers or other presentations as necessary to keep fresh content

  • Keep time

  • Hold regular LC meetings to gauge the growth and progress of your group

  • Encourage attendance and participation at other groups

  • Track attendance, referrals, and membership (or assign to your LC)

  • Keep an LC of at least 4 active members

  • Moderate the group membership diversity

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